Cabot Oil & Gas: Securing Their Future With Surprisingly Good Financial Health

The tough operating conditions in the oil and gas industry are likely to continue, and thus, it is particularly important to consider the financial position of Cabot Oil & Gas.

Although many of their competitors have failed to generate free cash flow and maintain a healthy financial position, they appear to have succeeded.

Not only is their leverage modest and easily manageable, but it is also particularly reassuring to see their liquidity is strong.

Their relatively good financial health will play an important role ensuring that they can continue navigating any rough times and potentially provide value creating opportunities.Introduction

Whilst the poor financial performance and weak financial positions that plague the oil and gas industry are likely not news for many investors, there are still some companies that have managed to perform quite well. One such example is Cabot Oil & Gas (NYSE:COG), and given the specific area of the oil and gas industry in which they operate, the Marcellus shale, it may be quite surprising to learn that their financial position is quite healthy and thus will help them secure their future.

Presidential candidates are required to reveal their investments, businesses and streams of income. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, is the only Democrat seeking the White House who has yet to file paperwork to publicly disclose his.

And under an extension granted to him Friday by the Federal Election Commission — the second such one Bloomberg has received — he can postpone their release until March 20.

The timing is significant because Bloomberg has skipped campaigning in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire and is instead staking his bid on a big showing in contests that come later, like Super Tuesday on March 3. By getting approval to delay the release of his finances until after those pivotal contests, he is denying voters information about how much he is worth — and how he invests his money.

“Mr. Bloomberg … Has made diligent efforts to prepare his report. Nevertheless, due to the complexity of his holdings and the need to obtain certain information from third parties, Mr. Bloomberg needs additional time to gather and review his financial information and complete and file his report,” his attorney Lawrence H. Norton wrote in a letter to the FEC.

Bloomberg spokeswoman Galia Slayen declined to comment. Bloomberg has pledged to release his tax returns — a decadeslong tradition for presidential candidates until Republican Donald Trump declined to do so during the 2016 campaign — but hasn’t said when.

Bloomberg, who has long considered a White House bid, sits atop a sprawling business empire and is worth more than $50 billion, easily making him the wealthiest candidate in the contest.

He has been laying the groundwork for a campaign for months and has flooded primary states with over $200 million worth of radio and TV advertising since entering the race in November.

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