Dog With A Wonky Face Finds Loving Home And Trains As A Therapy Dog To Help Others

Brodie was bitten by his mother when he was just 13 days old, leaving him with a permanently wonky face

A dog with a wonky face has finally found a loving home after a shelter received hundreds of adoption requests.

Brodie, a German Shepherd Border Collie cross, has a permanently slanted face after his mum attacked him when he was just 13 days old, leaving him with severe cranial and facial injuries.

The dog’s jaw fused together as he grew, while one side of his face was stunted, causing partial blindness in one eye.

Brodie was adopted as a puppy but was returned to the Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada, after just five months, as the owner complained he was ‘too hyper’.

Thankfully the shelter was keen to find Brodie a loving home.He was left partially blind in one eye Picture: Amanda Richter /SWNS.COM) After hundreds of adoption applications, Brodie has found a forever home (Picture: Amanda Richter /SWNS.COM)

After they posted photos of the dog online, they received hundreds of application requests.



But it was Amanda Richter, 30, and boyfriend Brad Ames, 23, who were lucky enough to take Brodie home.

The couple spotted Brodie online and instantly fell in love, travelling to the shelter and bringing him home the same day.

Brodie is now being trained as a therapy dog so he can provide support to anyone else living with a visible difference or a disability.Brodie with the couple’s other dog, Rosie Picture: Amanda Richter /SWNS.CO) Despite his differences, Brodie is a happy and plaful dog (Picture: Amanda Richter /SWNS.COM)

Amanda said: ‘I looked at his photos every day and even cried a few times. We felt drawn to him for some reason.

‘We met him, took him for a walk and hung out with him for a few hours and ended up bringing him home the same day because the rescue really felt we were a great fit.

‘He’s definitely hyper but he is so intelligent. His brain is perfectly fine and he learns tricks within 10 minutes usually which tells me he is a smart boy.

‘He just needed patience and someone to be consistent. He gets better every week.He’s now training to be a therapy animal (Picture: Amanda Richter /SWNS.COM) Good boy, Brodie (Picture: Amanda Richter /SWNS.COM)

‘There is a chance they as he gets bigger more issues can arise, but for now he is as healthy and happy as ever.

‘It’s actually funny because when we go to the dog park everyone notices how he is the happiest pup there and just wants to play and run.


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‘We hope to train him to be a therapy dog one day so he can help other people with disabilities.

‘We also hope that we can raise awareness for other special needs dogs and show people that just because someone or something looks different, they can be perfectly imperfect in their own unique way.’

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