The same casino games — a different reality

After playing casino games in a real casino, you get used to the game tables, croupiers and strangers around you. A playful atmosphere, lets you enjoy your time. Land based casinos are like portals to escape from gloomy surroundings and fight boredom. Having in mind the fun that land based casinos create, no wonder why so many people are visiting casinos regularly or spend their spare time there.

Land based casinos moved to players smart devices

However land based casinos are losing players, due the rise of online and mobile casinos, which are more convenient and always in hands reach. How could they not, when players can sit in front of a computer or even lay down on a sofa and enjoy their favorite games. They do not have to go anywhere, fit into narrow casino working hours or interact with croupiers. Playing games individually, opens up many possibilities. Players can choose the right time and a cosy place. They can enjoy fast gameplay and instant transactions.

Vision of future casinos

Watching the heated discussions of land based, online and mobile casinos’ advantages and disadvantages, the BetInReal team decided to merge the best features of all types of casinos and create a new casino. The team had a vision of casino which would be social, interactive, immersive, reliable and fair. The team members were seeking to focus on players’ needs, bring back the luxury environment and create memorable experiences.

Casinos are focusing on themselves rather than players

After global research the BetInReal team found that players have no access to the highest quality games. They were surprised by the unattractive game appearances and fragile technologies that were used to ensure players’ security and different processes. They saw that players desire new experiences and are not satisfied by how casino staff are treating their clients.

A totally new casino game experience

It took more than a year for the BetInReal team to make their vision a reality. They have created a casino app — three casino games as their MVP. It is based on augmented reality technology. At this moment casino enthusiasts can download the BetInReal AR app and try out Slots, European roulette or European Blackjack. Its enough to have a smartphone to build a whole casino or game table anywhere. After placing a virtual game table, players can enjoy smooth gameplay and company of a life like, interactive croupier. By mixing different realities players feel the real gambling experience at the highest level of convenience.

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